2~144 Cores Flame-retardant Loose Tubes Stranded FOC (Steel Tape Armored)

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*Optic fiber in loose tube
*Metallic central strength member
*Filling compound for SZ stranded cable cores
*Plastics -coated steel tape & PE sheath bound together
Application Range: for long distance & local communications
Mounting Ways: in tunnel, for aerial mounting, etc.
Application Temperature:-40 ℃~+60℃

*with low transmission loss and dispersion
*The reasonable design and precision control on fiber length in loose tube ensures better mechanical performance and adaptability to environment of FOC.
*The close structure of SZ layer stranding prevents optic fiber from stress under bad environment.
*It could ensure moisture & water resistant performance of FOC with filling compound filled outside strength member and inside cable core.
*with better pliability
*It could ensure much better moisture-proof performance of FOC with corrugated steel tape wrapping