TK8000-Ex Digital input Isolated Barrier

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General Description
Digital input Isolated Barrier, receives input from the dangerous places on one side of the switch / proximity switch, and transmits it to a safe place through the isolation barrier. It has fault detection function on proximity switch and setting function on relay output.

Main technical parameters
Explosion-proof marker: [Exia]ⅡC
Power Supply:24V DC±10%
Power Consumption: when relay works, about 1.5W
The Danger Zone Input
Signal: switch, proximity switch
Power Supply voltage> 8V (open circuit voltage)
Short-circuit Current ≈ 8 mA
Input characteristics
Current Input > 2.1mA, it said "ON"
Current Input < 1.2mA, it said "OFF"
Switching Hysteresis: 200μA
The Safety Zone Output
Signal: relay output
Relay Output Characteristics
Response time: ≤20ms
Drive capability: 250V AC/2A, 30V DC/2A
Output Way
Continuous working temperature:
Certified by China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Explosion Protected  Electrical Products(CQST)
Parameters (10,9 and 12,11 terminals)
U0≤11V DC,C0≤1.5μF,
Um=250V AC/DC、P0≤0.04W
apply to field devices
Consistent with DIN9234 and NAMUR proximity switches