TK8000-Ex Isolated Barrier on Detection Side

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Main technical parameters
Explosion-proof marker: [Exib]ⅡC
Power Consumption: about 3W (24V power supply, when the output is 20mA)
The Danger Zone Input: 4~20mADC
For the transmitter voltage: ≥ 16V (when output 20mA,load 250Ω)
The Safety Zone Output:
TK8000-Ex, TK8000-Ex (V)
Signal: 4~20mA,1~5V
Output Load: 100 ~ 650Ω, 250Ω (internal)
Output Accuracy: 0.1% F.S
Temperature drift: 0.01% F.S / ℃
Continuous operating temperature: -20 ~ +60 ℃
Certified by China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Explosion Protected Electrical Products(CQST) (among terminals 9、10、13、14)
Applying to field devices
Two-wire transmitter, 4 ~ 20mA Dc current signal