TK-LED Auto-Tuning Control Instrument / PID Light Cross Display Controller

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TK-LED auto-tuning control instrument / PID light cross display controller is applied to the need for high precision measurement and control system. It can automatically calculate the optimal PIN control parameters based on the controlled object.
TK-LED PID auto-tuning control instrument / PID light cross display controller combines digital meter and analog meter in one instrument. It can take digital display control (high-brightness LED digital display) and relative analog display (Light cross) to the measuring signal of temperature, pressure, level and speed, so that the display of the value can be clearer and more intuitive and it can also choose two-column display mode.

  1. PID parameter self-tuning
  2. can be with PID control output and transmission output respectively, applicable for a variety of measuring and control applications.
  3. can be switched manually or automatically without interference. When operating manually, the parameters can be modified.
  4. a variety of output adjusting ways (PWM output, SCR triac output, SSR triac output, and voltage / current output).

Technical Parameters

Control output

PWM output,town control of silicon triac output, solid read relay triac output, voltage / current output

Setting / Display Accuracy

± 0.5%FS+1 No. max . Setting values matches the display values the match, no relative error.

Proportional range

0.0%100.0%( Unit : 0.1%)

Integral (reset) time

0 9,999s(Unit: 1 s)

Differential (rate) time

0-9,999s(Unit: 1s)

Control cycle

1-250s(Unit: 1s)

sampling period