TK-LED Manual Operator / Light Cross Display Manual Operator

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TK-LED manual operator / light cross display manual operator can be accessed after different regulator as standby instrument. Once the regulator fails, it can take manual operation.
TK-LED manual operator / light cross display manual operator combines digital meter and analog meter in one instrument. It can take digital display control (high-brightness LED digital display) and relative analog display (Light cross) to the measuring signal of temperature, pressure, level and speed, so that the display of the value can be clearer and more intuitive and it can also choose two-column display mode.
1. can be with analog control output, switch control output respectively-- relay forward, reverse control, and analog transmission output, applicable for a variety of measuring and control applications.
2. can be switched manually or automatically without interference. When manual is switched to automatic, approximation method will be used here with limited range, to achieve manual / automatic smoothly switching.
3. The measuring signals and feedback signals can be displayed on the same screen.