Thermal Resistance with Threaded Connector

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It is usually connected with display meter, recording meters and computer, etc. to directly measure temperature of liquid, vapor, gas and solid surface ranging from -200 to 500 during various production processes.

Operation Theory:
It is based on that temperature change results in change of its resistance. When the resistance value changes, the working instrument will display relevant temperature.


  1. Spring thermal sensor with good shock-proof performance
  2. No compensational wire, spare cost
  3. High measuring accuracy
  4. High mechanical strength, good pressure-resistant performance
  5. Imported film resistor with stable & reliable performance

Executive Standard:

Measuring Range & Tolerance:
Insulation Resistance at Normal Temperature
The insulation resistance between electrode and protection tube of armored resistance shall be no less than 100M under condition that environment temperature is 15-35, relative humidity is no more than 80%, and testing voltage is D.C.10-100V

Remarks: t is absolute value actually tested with thermal sensor.